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Technology Prioritization Matrix in the Association Industry

ASAE hosts a town hall meeting to kick off the Technology Conference each year. This year at #Tech10, Reggie Henry facilitated a discussion around 12 strategic technology areas for associations. The session was attended by upwards of 60 technology leaders who were overwhelmingly association staff at the management or senior management levels in their respective organizations. The strategic technology areas included the following:

  • Cloud Computing
  • Business Intelligence
  • Digital Publishing and Marketing
  • Enterprise Content Management
  • Mobile Apps
  • Strategic Social Media
  • Virtual Conferences
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Consumerization
  • Virtualization
  • Business Process Management
  • Rich Media

Participants were asked to answer two key questions about each of 12 areas:

1) When do you think it will be ‘common’ in associations?   
2) What benefit level do you think it will provide?

Through the use of audience voting devices, we each submitted our responses.  The complete results are available including additional demographics about the participants (staff size, budget size, etc) and detailed charts for each of the technology areas discussed.  The results of our responses are summarized in this chart (click to see at full size).

As a benchmarking exercise for yourself, you may want to pull out the technology strategic plan or IT Roadmap at your association.  Compare how many of these items are on your planning radar.  Is your association on the same timeline as groups of a similar size?  Is your group leading the pack or lagging behind?  Are their items that are missing from your current agenda that can be updated on your plans for next year?


Real Stories from the RFP Process

This year at the ASAE Technology Conference, I’ll be facilitating a session on the RFP Process.  Using samples and stories from seasoned association vendors, we’ll learn what makes up a great RFP by learning from the mistakes of others.  Check out this preview from Sigmund VanDamme and Joe Shaben at Nimble User for a few quick tips: